Local sector leaders

Terra Pizza

Pizza Restaurant Chain

Pizza Pizza, one of Turkey's first pizza chains with many firsts and innovations, while entering it's 25th year, started an extensive growth, expansion and institutionalization process and, renamed itself as ‘Te... MORE


Data Back-up Solutions Provider

Glasshouse assists Turkey’s largest 250 enterprises in their data back-up operations. Glasshouse offers end-to-end data back-up solutions, getting involved in planning, provisioning and installation of the... MORE



Founded in 1998, Arkel is the domestic market leader in elevator control components such as control cards, inverters and control panels with around 50% market share. The company’s products are exported to Wester... MORE

Tavuk Dunyasi

Fast Casual Restaurant Chain

Founded in 2011, Tavuk Dunyasi operates over 90 fast casual dining restaurants which serve a chicken focused menu. Tavuk Dunyasi's unique marinated chicken offering at affordable prices appeal to broad consumer tastes... MORE

Soke Un

Wheat Flour Producer

Founded in 1963, Soke Un is the leading wheat flour producer in Turkey with presence in consumer and professional segments. Soke Un offers its consumer products under its own brand as well as private label for leading... MORE


Insurance Brokerage

Founded in 1994 and based in Istanbul, ACP offers industry leading products and unique risk management services through its two business units, insurance and reinsurance brokerage. The Company currently serves more th... MORE


Electrical Small Domestic Appliances

Founded in 1966, Arzum is the market leader in electrical small domestic appliances in Turkey. Arzum is one of the leading Turkish brands with over 90% brand awareness. Arzum has a wide range of product portfolio with... MORE

Logo Business Solutions

Enterprise Application Software

Established in 1984, Logo (together with its 100% subsidiary, Netsis) provides EAS solutions to 85,000 companies in Turkey through a network of approximately 750 exclusive business partners. The business partners prov... MORE

Lucky Fish

Value-Added Fish Products

Founded in 1985, Lucky Fish is the leading exporter of value added seafood products to Europe (ready-to-cook bass and bream dishes and fillets). The Company is fully vertically integrated with its own juvenile product... MORE


Fleet Telematics

Founded in 2004, Mobiliz is one of the two biggest players in Turkish fleet telematics industry. Fleet telematics services allow companies to better manage their fleet in terms of driver, vehicle and operational manag... MORE

Mikro Odeme

Mobile Payment Processing

Established in 2009, Mikro Odeme is a leading mobile payment processing company and works with over 250 international and domestic merchants on an exclusive basis.

The Company is essentially a merchant aggrega... MORE