Catalyst for change

Strategic Repositioning

We work together with the management of our portfolio companies to establish well defined goals for transforming the companies into sector champions

Global Reach

Turkey's geographic position allows it to be a more prominent player on a regional scale. We believe in the value of international expansion. With our extensive global network we provide international expansion opportunities to position our companies as regional players

Active Value Creation

  • New product/channel
  • Geographic expansion
  • Strategic acquisitions
  • Strengthening management
  • Financing alternatives
  • Operational improvements


We contribute to our companies' growth story with our strategic, financial and operational resources. Active board representation is critical for us to provide our "value-add" in facilitating new growth avenues

Access to Mediterra's Network

Our local investors have leading positions in the following sectors:
  • Automotive
  • Education
  • Energy
  • Financial services
  • Food
  • Hospitality
  • Industrials
  • Media
  • Retail
  • Transportation


We build global best practices. As active board members we provide our extensive know-how we have obtained from our 30+ investments in 11 countries. We invite independent board advisors to bring a global vision and to add specific know-how that is required to accelerate the growth of the company.

Management team

We are only as good as our people so we work with the best. We create an environment giving the management team full responsibility, supporting them in their career paths and making sure that incentives are aligned